Popular Media for Campaign
Gabfai employs mobile theatre as an equipment to communicate with determined target groups of each project. Besides, we accumulate and invite people from various organizations to take part in events around the end of the year. We also cooperate with our alliances to drive important public policies.

Mission II
To raise campaign on creating space for exchanging knowledge and learning with public, society and target groups by alternative media, which will lead to knowledge, understanding, awareness and creative participation together.


1. Mobile theatre
2. ACT festival (Arts Culture and Theatre Festival)
3. Other popular media for campaign


Mobile theatre

Community Theatre “Gabfai” will troupe to perform dramas and mobile exhibition in many places each year or occasionally. Sometimes we arrange theatre in the form of prelude before meetings/ trainings, etc. The purpose is to create space for exchanging knowledge amongst people’s media or to raise awareness and participation with public and target groups. In additional, Mobile theatre will be a stage for exchanging knowledge and understanding, which will lead to solution or other creative alternatives by working together. The group will bring working experiences, other relating organizations’ experiences or information from target communities to create dramas. The average length is 30 to 60 minutes. After performance, there is talk and discussion about opinion and attitude amongst producers and audiences. We have a concept that education or exchanging knowledge can occur everywhere not only in academic institutions; it can be in slums, at the market, remote villages or even on the street.้

Mobile theatre in academic institution
Mobile theatre in communities
Mobile theatre on the street
Stage plays

ACT Festival-(Arts Culture and Theatre Festival)

Gabfai is one of organizations working with many organizations and has a chance to work with artists from ethnic groups in communities who are unique and interesting. The outcome of our hard work contributes to Child Theatre Group inside Community Theatre Network in many provinces in the Upper North of Thailand and Laos. We consider that it is appropriate to cooperate with various groups of artists in order to create new opportunities for local artists in rural and urban areas. Artists will have a chance to tell their own stories and experiences through “media” which is a bridge to bind feeling, understanding and elevating human spirit and soul together. This will lead to peaceful problem solutions. Thus, ACT Festival was established to create people’s media to express themselves peacefully and equally. It also helps reduce gab between urban and rural areas as well as empower artists and promote helpfulness amongst people who are various in order to live together peacefully.

To create space for performing, meeting, exchanging knowledge about performing art and other branches of art amongst young artists and liberal artists in the city.
To communicate and raise campaign about stories in communities to public, tourists or other people interested.

Procession campaigns
Performance of drama
Local performances
Musical performance
Other performances
Artstic activities
Trade fairs
Meetings / Conferences
Short -term trainings


Other Popular Media for Campaign

Beside stage performance, other popular media is also important and necessary because only one channel cannot perform its duty perfectly. But by combining various media, there will be better effectiveness and efficiency. Creating media on our own is good because we can drive forward more systematically and energetically.

To create campaigns by many kinds of popular media which are beautiful, appropriate and can help achieve the targets methodically.

Posters, exhibition, billboards, songs, mats, souvenirs and others


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