Alliance Network
After working in the Upper North of Thailand, there are many more Community Theatre Groups in the areas. Besides, Gabfai creates, promotes and join hands with other Media Culture Groups. This makes us see power of media in a community level so we persuade other groups to form Alliance Network in 2004. We also cooperate with other national and international alliance networks.

Mission III

To support or join hands between people and alliances or to drive advantageous public policies beneficial for rights in national and international level.

1. Community theatre network
2. Media Culture Groups
3. Other network of alliances


Community Theatre Network

Global development and changes affect communities in many different ways. We believe that people in communities have capacity and ability to manage and create new definition of value by themselves. “Media” is considered to be an important factor which comes to the scene especially, communicating vertically to communities. In the past, we cooperate with our alliances such as schools, NGOs, and organizations in communities to arrange trainings on acting and other art skills including support media culture in the communities to adjust and combine it with dramatic art and other new forms of art. This is a way to respect and continue cultural rights and beliefs of people in communities and it can help elevate works and drive people’s media forwards. Accordingly, people’s media and media groups or new community theatre especially, in the Upper North of Thailand and in Laos have equipment and alternative media to communicate with children in school, communities and societies. Each of alliances is aware of the importance of congregation as Network Alliances. Thus, “Community Theatre Network” is established to broadcast creative communication together.


To support and promote participation of children and the youth in communities according to human rights To expand social space for people’s media in community level by driving Community Theatre Network.

Creating space for learning and exchanging knowledge where skills and capacity are promoted Employing art and cultural media as well as theatre to work with communities
Rasing campaigns about social issues by cooperating between Community Theatre Network and other alliances

ชื่อกลุ่มละคร / หน่วยงาน
กั๊บไฟ / ละครชุมชน อ.เมือง จ.เชียงใหม่
ข้าวจ ี่/ ศูนย์เพื่อน้องหญิง อ.พาน จ.เชียงราย
นานา / มูลนิธิบ้านนานา อ.แม่สาย จ.เชียงราย
ต้นข้าว / มูลนิธิพัฒนาประชาชนที่สูง อ.เมือง จ.เชียงราย
ตั๊กแตนเสียงใส / ศูนย์พัฒนาเครือข่ายเด็กและเยาวชน อ.สบเมย จ.แม่ฮ่องสอน
แต้มฝัน / มูลนิธิรักษ์ไท อ.แม่ออน จ.เชียงใหม่
กิ่งไผ่ / โรงเรียนบ้านคาย อ.แม่อาย จ.เชียงใหม่
FLAME เปลวไฟ / Save the children Australia Phonsavanh Newa ,SiSattanark ,Vientiane


Media Culture Groups

Before start working in communities, we come to perform mobile theatre and then, teaching acting and life skills for children in schools. When children’s behaviors develop, parents become trust in us and know that we are harmless. And community activities emphasize our good hope. Soon, communities have better positive thinking towards us. In many processes concerning with children, sometimes we need cooperation from adults; for instance, surveying villagers who are local philosophers and have knowledge on culture and local wisdom. Then, we will contact and invite local philosophers to join the learning process. As a result, power and confidence are transferred between the old and the new generation. However, when children grow up, some of them have to leave the villages to face the world outside. Some are successful but some are not. All villagers do not want to see their children being taken advantage of or being abused by the outside world. Gabfai has created alternative choices with communities especially, Media Culture Groups and Village’s Leaders. We turn to become an organization who is working to protect children and community rights by using cultural tools we are familiar with and tools which can go along with cultural context of communities. By do so, we can continue preserving culture as well as performing our duty as media who serves the need of communities at present. Audiences will have direct experiences and admire performance such as dance, singing and music presented in front of them. This will respond to spiritual need of people and can access to target groups. And the atmosphere cannot be seen easily today. This way we can adjust old social work to the new one.

To support Media Culture Groups to raise campaigns to create awareness or to solve social problems affecting communities.

Arranging meetings, training workshops or new skills required by artists.
Supporting and promoting work plan in community level to develop human resource or to prevent and solve problems in communities by using art and culture (Community Loves Child and Woman: Chumchon Ruk La-aon Lae Mae Ying)
Supporting the process of exchanging experiences and skills in communities or between artists or creating learning space in comminities (Kard Muan Jai)

กลุ่มวัฒนธรรมกิ่งกะหร่า อ.ฝาง จ.เชียงใหม่
กลุ่มยอดแซงแลงใหม่ จ้าดไต อ.เวียงแหง จ.ชียงใหม่
  กลุ่มเสียงแซงไต อ.เวียงแหง จ.ชียงใหม่
  กลุ่มวัดฟ้าเวียงอินทร์ อ.เวียงแหง จ.ชียงใหม่
  กลุ่มวัฒนธรรมผาคำ อ.แม่สาย จ.เชียงราย


Alliance Network

Nowadays, we cannot work alone considering our workload. As a result, there has to be cooperation to achieve the goals and we need support and cooperation. Gabfai is an organization which sees the importance stated above. Therefore, we cooperate with our alliances and people in society in the form of Alliance Network; namely, alliance against Children Trafficking and Woman Trafficking, Thailand (CTWT) , Sampran Network Against Human Trafficking, Global Alliance Against Trafficking in Woman (GAATW) , Peace Progressive Woman Network, Network for Earth and Peace (NEP), People’s Media Network, South East Asia Popular Communication Program (SEAPCP), etc. Our Alliance Network may have different missions but we have the same focus; that is, to reinforce and empower groups of people which still lacks an opportunity by drive public policy to governmental policy in order to cover all parts of society equally and fairly. The policy is practical and non-discrimination and can create peaceful society.


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